Podcast: Standup Comic Mike Birbiglia


Mike Birbiglia is a standup comic who in 2002 became one of the youngest comics ever to appear on "Late Night with David Letterman." He's parlayed his wildly succesful "Secret Public Journal," which collects true stories from his life, into a new special, called "What I Should Have Said Was Nothing." Bonus: Mike talks with me about the CBS pilot he recently shot (MP3).

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I've been jonesing for new podcasts all week. For the last couple weeks, their schedules have been a bit random. Today? Inundated with podcasts! A new 40 Year Old Boy, a new Ken P. D. Snydecast, a new Pardcast, a new Comedy & Everything Else, and a new TSoYA!Now the only regulars I have to wait for are Smodcast, Cabin Fever, and the Times Online Bugle. Oh, and of course, JJGo. I think I might OD on awesome!

JJGo? I love you. I miss you.