State DVD, Comedy Central Special on the way!

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The State reunited earlier this year for some live performance at the UCB Theater here in LA, so when Kerri Kenney-Silver, Robert Ben Garant and Tom Lennon stopped by here earlier today to talk about Reno 911, I couldn't resist asking what the reunion status was.

They told me that there will definitely be a Comedy Central special with all-new material sometime later this year. They also said that the DVD of the show is complete, including commentary on every sketch and extra material (every cutting room floor sketch, including some they don't like). The release of the DVD should coincide with the special.

Look out for the full interview in the podcast feed soon!


Whoa, man, those DVD features sound awesome. I'm just old enough to remember the funny, but not the sketches. The Vacant Lot is a little more present in my young memory. The only thing I remember about Exit 57 is the theme. Man, times were good for sketch comedy back then. I think."Betchu' I can hitchu with this jug!"That's from the State, right?