Get Deeeeeep with TSOYA


I often seem to surprise people when I tell them that The Sound of Young America has been on the air for eight years now. Maybe you already knew that, but did you know that an alarming percentage of that material is available right here on this very website?

For example -- maybe you've been to the bottom of the show archive... but what about the pre-podcasting archive? A couple years ago, we switched all of them from RealAudio to MP3 for your convenience, and you can click in there to hear Dame Edna, Paul Feig, Colin Meloy, Sarah Silverman and many more. I recommend you listen to this segment, an interview with a producer from Steve Harvey's Big Time, co-hosted by Kasper Hauser (MP3).

I know what you're saying: "I love old Sound of Young America material, but I'm too lazy to right click and save as! Can't you bring this into iTunes, where it will be downloaded automatically?"

Of course, you lazy fuck!

With iTunes, you can subscribe to The Sound of Young America Classics... every week you'll get an show from about two years ago, all cleaned up and ready for you to enjoy. It's the easy way to enjoy the archive.

And if you're brave enough to go even further back, you can check out The College Years. We're plowing through our CD archives a show a week. We're currently sometime in 2003 with those joints... we've got great guests like Louis CK and Dave Attell, plus lots of strange comedy of our own.