Graham Linehan, Creator of The IT Crowd and Co-Creator of Father Ted Interviewed on The Sound of Young America


Graham Linehan an Irish comedy writer. His first major series, co-created with writing partner Arthur Mathews, was Father Ted, which is perhaps the single most iconic British sitcom of the 90s. He worked on hilarious shows like Big Train, Brass Eye and The Day Today, and recently created The IT Crowd. The IT Crowd, an office sitcom set in the IT support room of a faceless corporation, is currently running Tuesday nights on IFC.

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Graham is brilliant, I'd love to go for a pint with him. He does us all here in Ireland proud!

"the single most iconic British comedy series"Program done for a British tv channel, yes, but that show is an Irish show.Down to the bones.Irish writers, actors, humour, concept, EVERYTHING!It is an Irish, not British show.Unless your implying Ireland is British?

I meant only that it was produced by and for British television.

wasn't it picked up by channel four first? It is of course entirely Irish content and all the more funny/charming because of that.

>>the single most iconic British comedy series>>Irish writers, actors, humour, concept, EVERYTHING!Oh for fecks sake, the interiors were shot in The London Studios and it was made by (British) Hat Trick Productions by the genius (Irish) writers Linehan and Matthews for Ch4 (UK) and they made it with a brilliant cast of mostly Irish actors. It became hugely popular in Britain and has been shown extensively on RTE (Ireland) where it is also massively popular. It isn't Irish OR British it's both Irish AND British, but really its just feckin funny, so fup off you fuppin' fuppers :)

Relax, allow him his opinion. If it differs from your own then no need to lost it..... life's way too short for over-reactions!!! Just enjoy.