Hodgman Sings!


Me, Lonely Sandwich and Rob from Kasper Hauser had such a wonderful time at John Hodgman and Jonathan Coulton's show in LA last week. Undoubtedly the highlight for me was the unexpected closing number, in which Hodgman revealed his true solution to the problem of Coulton abandoning him mid-tour. The duet (later joined by John Roderick) was genuinely touching, as we saw two great pals who have found this amazing creative success in their mid-30s, and were sharing it in an absolutely goofy way on-stage.

Above: the closing number from their Seattle show, again with Roderick, plus Sean Nelson.

Via our pals at BOINGBOING


And who I believe to be Sean Nelson of Harvey Danger fame also! What a treat this is.

Thank you, Jesse. We call it "the new sincerity."That is all.

Always great to see another Coulton/Hodgman video. I was one of the billions who'd never heard John sing before, but his voice fits that song perfectly.