Finally, it can be said: Kasper Hauser are behind Wonderglen


Well, the cat's out of the bag.

The amazing, amazing virtual world of Wonderglen Productions was created by producer Ben Karlin (long-time Daily Show showrunner) and written by our pals The Kasper Hauser Comedy Group. I've been dying to share this information for months, but was sworn to secrecy. Now, web sleuths have revealed the truth, so I can finally speak.

Not only is this possibly the most ambitious project Kasper Hauser have ever worked on, it's one of the most ambitious in the history of web entertainment. This isn't an advertisement for something else -- it's an independent ecosystem of hilarity.

The folks funding this will only continue to fund it if it keeps attracting visitors, so tell a friend.


bah! i called it in a tweet months ago. it is a brilliant piece of internetting. and, is james franco some secret improv comedy fan?

I had my suspicions, but I also enjoyed not knowing where it came from for sure...

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!

can you link to that tweet, candybeans?