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A fond farewell.


I want to share a short, disappointing note. It's with a heavy heart that I write that Maximum Fun will no longer be producing new episodes of Getting Curious. We all love the show and love Jonathan, but after nearly a year and a half of effort, we've been unable to generate enough revenue with the show to cover production costs. Simply put, we couldn't see a path to self-sufficiency.

We'll be giving the show to Jonathan to do with as he sees fit in the future. In the meantime, the archive of shows will remain up.

I personally want to thank Jonathan for all he's brought to our community, and thank the producers who worked so hard to make the show a reality.

We've got plenty of irons in the fire, and you should expect more great new MaxFun shows in the near future. Thanks so much for supporting us. - Jesse

The MaxFun Listener Panel: You Listen, We Listen.


MaxFun is about community, and we want your help shaping our programs. That's why we've created the MaxFun Listener Panel.

Join the panel - from time to time, we'll ask you to listen to an episode of a new or existing program and offer us your thoughts and feedback. You can help us make our shows better!

Joining the panel is as simple as subscribing to a special podcast feed, listening to a show once or twice a month, and filling out a quick survey telling us who you are and what you think.

Here's how to join the panel:

1) Copy this feed URL
2) Open your podcast app of choice, choose add podcast, and paste that URL, then click subscribe.

In the Apple Podcasts app, for example, simply open the app, then click on "Library" at the bottom of the screen. Simply click "Add a Podcast by URL...", paste in the RSS URL, and click "Subscribe"!

When new episodes appear in your feed, give them a listen, then visit to tell us what you think.

JJGo Tonight at 7P/10E! #SoakJesse Happening Now!


The movement to get Jesse to jump in the world's grossest lake is in full swing. Join us now. We're getting nearer and nearer to our goal of 2500 donors, and every new donor means 10 meals for needy families.

#MaxFunDrive Tweets!


Thanks to everyone tweeting about the #MaxFunDrive! If you haven't donated yet, do it now!

Maximum Fun Welcomes Five New Shows


For weeks I've been promising big news come the new year. Well, it's finally here. I'm proud to announce that we've got four new shows in the MaxFun lineup, and a fifth being re-launched.

Two of these shows are brand new, and two of them are already off to great starts. We're hoping you'll support them - both by checking them out and by donating in our MaxFunDrive this spring.

Here's the rundown:

The Goosedown with Jasper Redd & Kimberly Clark
Most comics are antic. Jasper and Kim are the opposite. The Goosedown is a warm, enveloping blanket of stray observations, off-hand remarks and social insights that's perfect for late night listening. It's a different kind of comedy podcast.

Lady to Lady
On Lady to Lady, hosts Brandie Posey, Tess Barker and Barbara Gray talk about the kind of stuff ladies talk about when there are no men around. Intimate, vulgar, hilarious, incisive, hilarious. Hilarious twice because it's really, really funny.

International Waters with Dave Holmes
International Waters is one of MaxFun's most beloved and fastest growing shows, and now it's moving to twice a month, with a brand new host. The game stays the same: a battle between UK and US comics in a pop culture quiz. But now, your host is the hilarious and charming Dave Holmes, known for hosting every television show ever, and his comedy work on Reno 911 and on stage in LA's long-running The Friday 40. It's twice the humor, and infinity percent more Dave Holmes.

Oh No, Ross & Carrie!
Every month, Ross Blocher and Carrie Poppy put on their investigator hats and take on the fringey, strange, paranormal and pseudo-scientific. They've joined 9/11 Truther groups, learned reflexology, searched for energy vortices and barfed their guts out after some particularly foul hangover cures. And of course once they do this crazy stuff, they always report back, forthwith.

Song Exploder
Composer/Producer Hrishikesh Hirway (The One AM Radio) talks to musicians about how and why they recorded a single song. Then he breaks the song's stems - the individual instrumental and vocal tracks - down and builds the song again with snippets from the interview. Episode one features Jimmy Tamborello of The Postal Service talking about their song The District Sleeps Alone Tonight.

So... head over to iTunes, give these shows a listen and subscribe. And don't forget who brings 'em to ya!

Buy Your Put This On Ballcap Here


Use the button below to order your Put This On ballcap.

(If you are an international customer, shipping is an additional $10. Place your order, then email for a PayPal invoice. We'll ship when you've paid.)

Order a Gray/Blue PTO Ballcap:

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1000 Cones - Jordan Jesse Go! Buy 1000 Strangers Ice Cream!


The hosts of the comedy podcast Jordan Jesse Go! had an idea. What if they bought an ice cream cone for 1000 strangers? Just to make the world a better place? They launched a Kickstarter, and with the help of over 600 of their listeners, raised the money to do it.

Jordan and Jesse headed to Sweet Action Ice Cream in Denver for the big event. Each person who received a cone also got a card with the name of the Jordan Jesse Go! listener who bought it for them. It took six hours, some running around in the street, and even a (brief) visit to a pot dispensary, but when they were done, one thousand ice cream cones had been bought for folks wandering past the shop. And a better day was had by all.

You can find Jordan and Jesse's profane and hilarious show free in iTunes or online at .

Jesse and Jordan thank all our Kickstarter supporters, especially:
Banana Splitters
Joe Blubaugh
Kate Barry
Colin Urbina
Michael Pusateri
Taylor Moore
Don Schaffner
Paul Blair

Straberry Parfait Magicians
Dave Crowder
Joe Rust
David Bagley
Ken Eddings

Jordan Jesse Go: 1000 Cones!


Jordan and Jesse want to travel to Denver and buy 1000 strangers an ice cream cone. Can you help? Donate and share our Kickstarter here!

MaxFun Seeks Admin

| 0 comments is looking for an office administrator in our Los Angeles office.

Duties include:
Office management
Assisting development staff
General administrative assistance

Job starts at twenty hours per week, pay $10-12/hr. Administrative experience appreciated.

Email your resume, a brief cover letter and contact information for two past employers to

What Is Commercial Media Costing You? What's MaxFun Media Worth?


Opportunity cost is a core principle of economics. It essentially means the money you lose by doing one thing instead of another. If you get paid $20 an hour to sort mail, and take an hour off to file your nails, you lost $20. So filing your nails cost you $20. That’s opportunity cost, very broadly.

Like Mad Men, produces a bunch of weekly shows, mostly an hour or so in length. (Ours are on average a little longer, actually, but we’ll let that lie.) When you watch ad-supported media, there’s opportunity cost - the time you spend with the commercials is time you could have been making money. Or doing something else that you value as much as making money - say playing ball with your kid.

What if you donated to MaxFun an amount that matched what you “spend,” in opportunity cost, on the commercials in Mad Men?

Every episode of Mad Men features about 15 minutes of commercials. There are 4 1/3 weeks in a month, on average. So a little math shows us that you “spend,” in opportunity cost, your hourly salary * 1.08 every month watching Mad Men commercials.

Make ten bucks an hour? That’s $10.83 every month.
Make twenty? That’s $21.65.
Make fifty bucks an hour? $54.13.

And if you’re salaried, work 9-6 and get two weeks off a year…

$30,000 a year, and you’re “spending” $16.91.
$50,000 a year, and you’re spending $28.19.
$80,000 a year and you’re spending $45.13.

That’s EVERY MONTH on ONE SHOW. And don’t forget - you pay for cable so you can have the privilege of watching their ads. (And there’s ads built into the show! Conrad Hilton! That whole storyline! Bought and paid for! Seriously!)

So what if you gave that to support our shows every month? Or even half? If you did, it would go straight to the people whose work you love. Not execs or ad guys or shareholders or whatever.

Why don’t you? It’s easy. In fact, click here, and do it now.

I don’t think you shouldn’t watch Mad Men. I love Mad Men. I just think this is a great chance to think about how you’re paying for your entertainment. I think it’s worth valuing your time and attention, and valuing the content you care about.

(And yes, pedants, we sometimes have a couple brief ads in our show. Why don’t we call that and the advertisement-storylines a wash :)?

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