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Bullseye with Jesse Thorn is joining NPR!


It’s official: starting in April, Bullseye with Jesse Thorn will be distributed by National Public Radio! This is the culmination of months and months of meetings, negotiations and planning, and we’re so, so proud to make it public today. (And so, so proud of the sweet illustration that we just made (above).)

We’re excited to be joining forces with the big dogs in public radio, and excited that we’ll no longer have to spend like half of every conversation at every cocktail party explaining the complicated square-rectangle relationship between “public radio” and “NPR.” (From now on, we can just be all, “yup, I do a show on NPR.” It’s gonna be great.)

We’ll be on the same team as our all-time favorites like Terry Gross and Brooke Gladstone, and our new jack favorites like Glynn Washington and Jad Abumrad. It’s an ideal situation.

If you’re a longstanding Bullseye listener, you’ve got nothing to worry about. The show will continue to be produced independently by, but now we’ll also have the cachet and manpower of NPR helping us to bring it to public radio stations around the country. Our hope is that this partnership will mean a better show, better guests and a bigger station lineup.

This is the next chapter in a story that started at my college radio station when I was 19. Twelve years later, I think our show is the best it’s ever been, and now we’re in position to take advantage of that fact.

As a great American once said… haters don’t be mad, ‘cause it’s all about progression… loiterers should be arrested.

Ad astra!

A Brand New Day


Almost seven years ago, Mike Arnold, then of PRI, called me and asked me a question: "If PRI were interested in distributing your show, would you be interested in having PRI distribute it?" It was a dream come true, and I value immensely the hard work Public Radio International has done sharing our show with stations, and the kind people who work there who've become my friends.

That's why it was so immensely hard to say goodbye.

I've decided that starting this spring, Bullseye will have a new distributor. We'll announce the specific details soon, but for the time being, I want to emphasize that the only effects for listeners and stations will be positive. Our production and distribution won't be interrupted, and the show will only get better. This is a difficult step, but it is also a step forward.

For the time being, I just want to thank all of the kind people at PRI who've been wonderful partners over the years, particularly those who've worked with me directly, like Mike, Mark Kausch and Heidi Schultz. It's been an honor to be associated with PRI, and with wonderful shows like This American Life, Studio 360, To The Best of Our Knowledge and others. Thank you.

Bullseye fans: the future is bright. I'm excited.

Please Welcome: Risk!

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Welcome the newest MaxFun show: Risk!

Risk! is true tales, boldly told.

For the last few years, Kevin Allison has been bringing the funniest and most insightful performers on both coasts together to share true stories from their lives. True stories that they never thought they'd share.

I've loved Risk! for years. It's fascinating and hilarious and touching, and it always surprises me. Kevin is an amazing editor and guide for the show, and I think we share the same values.

I'm so proud that when Kevin decided to join a podcast network, he chose You now have the opportunity to support Kevin's work (and ours) directly by becoming a MaxFun donor on MaxFunDay, October 15th.

We've reached the organizational size where we can start to spend money speculatively. We've added shows and new production initiatives, and we're counting on you to help us support them. If you're not already a donor, think about the value that our work has in your life, and remember that on MaxFunDay. If you are - maybe hector someone you know into joining.

So: if you've never heard Risk!, head over to iTunes and subscibe now. Or if you're not an iTunes user, subscribe with this RSS feed. And if you have heard it, remember to support it. We're so happy to have Kevin and his team as part of the MaxFun family.

Put This On S2, E4: Eccentric Style

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Put This On, Season 2, Episode 4: Eccentric Style from Put This On on Vimeo.

Over at Put This On, I just released the fourth episode of our second season. I think it's a really good one, maybe our best ever. You should watch it.

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Katie Perry 3D: For Dads Only!


Written by Jordan Morris, featuring the voice of me, Jesse Thorn.

New Put This On! London!


Put This On, Season 2, Episode 3: (New) Traditions, London from Put This On on Vimeo.

In the new episode of Put This On, we (that's me, Jesse, and our director Ben Harrison) went to London to check out Savile Row, the world's most charming tweed merchant, and more.

Watch it! Share it!

Put This On Hits London on Tuesday


Put This On London Trailer from Put This On on Vimeo.

Our globetrotting continues, Tuesday at

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