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Monty Python - The Architect

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Does this every happen to you? You just start thinking about a Python sketch, and then you just have to watch it seven or twelve times?

To say Python are the greatest sketch group ever is to make a serious understatement.

"May I ask you to reconsider? I mean you wouldn't regret it. Think of the tourist trade."

Jesse and Jordan Head Back to the Adam Carolla Show


Jordan and I are the guests on today's Adam Carolla Show. You can check out the show here. We had a blast as usual. It's a pleasure to share a set of mics with a guy as hilarious as Carolla is.

We talked on the show about childbirth, about Adam's conviction that movie stars should not have to prostrate themselves before children and geeks, and more.

If you want to hear Adam on The Sound, you can check that out here.

(By the way - there's been some controversy around Carolla that cropped up since we recorded this. I didn't hear the show in question, but I've heard many Carolla shows. He says plenty of stuff I don't agree with, and sometimes things that genuinely bother me, but I think he's a decent guy and not hateful. Saying stupid and outrageous stuff sometimes is his job as a talk radio guy and comedy guy. I think he's really smart, funny and interesting, and in my personal experience, a nice, considerate man. So that's my position on that.)

The BBC's "Life: An Idiot's Guide"


Here's a little promo for the BBC Radio 4 Comedy program "Life: An Idiot's Guide," which was taped at Edinburgh this year. Note the presence of MaxFunPals W. Kamau Bell and Josie Long, and right at the top, a brief snippet of the voice of YOURS TRULY.

Why is my voice in there? Because the producer of the show, one Colin Anderson, knows my STRONG POSITION on recording theater instructions. My policy: if you need someone to record the "turn off your cell phones" message at the beginning of a show, I AM YOUR MAN.

Now, hundreds of arts patrons around the world know about my commitment to the ANNOUNCING ARTS.

The Fania All-Stars - Quitate Tu


If you're not up on the Fania All-Stars, you need to get up.

For realz.

Fan Art


Our thanks to J.J. McCullough for this charming fan art. It captures our pure essences: Jordan, the Angry Teenage Boy who Didn't Get the Part of Lil Orphan Annie, and me, the Racist WWII-era Caricature of Emperor Hirohito.

(seriously, thanks JJ)

MaxFunTees: Goin' Places!


Heather called this event in to Jordan, Jesse, Go! as a momentous occasion, but the photographic evidence is so much more exciting. It's a TSOYA Rocket Tee visiting the Giants' World Series trophy! Doesn't get better than that.

IC NYC Episode 6: All You Can Eat


Rafi and Dallas from the Internets Celebrities enter a curry eating contest in the latest episode of IC NYC.

Tremendous, as usual.

"The thrill of victory."
"The agony of da eat."

Podcasting at SxSW

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Back in the days when my annual income had not yet topped $14,000, Andy Bowers gave me a hand. In his capacity as Podcasting King of Slate, he hired me to be the substitute host of the Slate Daily Podcast, kicking me a couple hundred bucks a show when their regular folks were out on assignment or otherwise away from the mics. In other words: I owe him one.

He proposed a great panel at South by Southwest Interactive on the maturity and future of podcasting, featuring myself, Jeff Ulrich from Earwolf and Mignon Fogerty (aka Grammar Girl) from Quick & Dirty Tips.

If you're the type who votes for this sort of thing, vote here and now.

And while you're at it, check out my pal Mary O'Hara's panel, on the role of ideology in online jornalism. She's what I'd call a mega-badass, and I think that, too will be cool.

Adam Carolla on the KCRW PieCast


Adam Carolla is an avowed pie-lover, and it was pure delight when he stopped by KCRW's Good Food PieCast to chat with Evan Kleiman. It's five or ten minutes of solid highlights, but I particularly enjoyed when Kleiman nudged Carolla into declaring that boysenberry is "King of Pies." Two of radio's most distinctively ridiculous, sharp and entertaining personalities clashing as you'd never have thought they might.

By the way, if you missed Adam Carolla on The Sound of Young America, it's very much worth a listen. And don't miss my and Jordan's return engagement on Carolla's show in a week or so.

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