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Classic TSOYA Shirt Blowout

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We've recently transitioned to a new TSOYA shirt style here at MaxFun World HQ. We've got a couple dozen of our classic glow-in-the-dark style left (as worn by Charlie Todd of Improv Everywhere, above), and in order to clear precious shelf space, we're clearing them out at six bucks apiece. Buy as many as you like, but they're only available in ladies' sizes and men's small. Shipping is three bucks.

Dave Chappelle on Wild 94.9

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If you can get past the inane jokes that the DJs make, Dave Chappelle has some interesting things to say in this, his first radio interview in years.

Otis Redding - Try A Little Tenderness (Live, 1967)


As heard in the new Kanye & Jay-Z video. By the way, if you don't have a copy of Otis Redding Live at the Whiskey A Go-Go, you really should get on that.

Then, shoot, get Solomon Burke's Soul Alive, too. Just get both. Then send me a thank-you email.

Spike Jonze's Hip-Hop Masterpiece: What's Up Fatlip?


With all the buzz over the upcoming Jonze-directed video for Jay and Kanye's "Otis," I thought I'd share my own favorite Jonze video. Actually - it's my favorite video ever.

The Pharcyde had dissolved by the time Fatlip cut this track, and it lived as a one-off single for years before Lip got it together to actually cut a whole record. I don't think the pathetic tone was manufactured or satirical, though Fatlip has always been a funny guy. It's a remarkable inversion of hip-hop aesthetics, and it's hilarious and touching at the same time.

Inside the Master Class with Matt Besser


Ever wonder what happens inside a real master class with a legendary improv teacher like Matt Besser of the Upright Citizens Brigade? Well continue to wonder, because this video is a joke version of that.

Jascha Hoffman - "Some Hungry Guy" - Little Nemo Video


Our video guy Benjamin Ahr Harrison is in his real life a music video director. Above is his latest project, a mesmerizing Little Nemo-themed effort for an artist named Jascha Hoffman. Great work, Ben!

Simon Thorn, Born August 5th, 2011


My son Simon was born early yesterday morning. We're so happy to welcome him into our home and into the world.

We won't have a Jordan Jesse Go! this week, but we should continue on something like a normal schedule. For the next month or so, our capable producer Julia Smith will be helming The Sound of Young America, and we've got some amazing guest hosts lined up. Keep it locked.

The Coup - Underdogs


If this doesn't touch you...

One thing that Boots of The Coup always understood was that social change has to come from a human place. All the big revolution talk in the world won't move half the people this song will.

Put This On Episode 7: Personal Style

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Episode seven of my web series Put This On. Featuring past JJGo and TSOYA guest Dave Hill, plus Gay Talese and more.

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Juggaknots - Trouble Man

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Sometimes when I think about the "underground" hip-hop movement of the late 90s, I just get annoyed. "Make a hot record, one that really jams, then complain about the mainstream."

Some people, though, got it right. Really right. Breeze Brewin just destroys this track, anchored by a beautiful Coltrane sample.

Below, a brilliant story track, "Clear Blue Skies."

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