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"F For Fake"


Above: Peter Bogdanovich talks about Orson Welles' cinematic essay "F For Fake." If you've never seen the film, see it. Like... NOW. One of my five favorite films of all time. It's a meditation on the nature of authorship, storytelling and authenticity. Issues that were important when Welles made the film, in the 70s, but have only grown more important since. It's also very funny, as well as profound.

Below is the scene that Bogdanovich alludes to in his remarks: an exploration of one of man's greatest achievements, the cathedral at Chartres.

Simon Pegg: Looking Fantastic

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Looking good, Simon. Looking good.

(Simon Pegg, by the way, will be on The Sound of Young America in July - and if you want your own awesome shirt, visit The MaxFunStore!.)

The ICs Take Chinatown (and the rest of NYC)


Our pals The Internets Celebrities are taking on New York City in their new video series I.C. NYC.

Above: they take on the Chinese New Year parade (and dollar dumplings). Below, they take on Coney Island's polar bear swim (and whether black people swim in it).

I rate all of this at A++.

Leroy Hutson - Don't It Make You Feel Good


This is a happiness power jam.

Jesse Thorne (with an "e"), British Sports Reporter

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Posted by a YouTube user named rdolishny: This was one of the first Jordan Jesse Go episodes I ever heard, and I've been subscribing ever since. I love it!

Did the times we did this character ever come up in The College Years?

Monty Python's The Meaning of Life: Hospital


This is the sketch they played in my birthing class. Unfortunately, they played it with the sound all the way down, so you couldn't hear any of the dialogue. You could just barely make out the sound of the machine that goes "bing," though. Graham Chapman was a physician, of course, and I suppose that meant that some of the group's sharpest satire was reserved for the world of medicine.

Via Jordan's Tumblr

The Pardo Patrol, Backstage at Conan


Our pal Jimmy Pardo is the opening act at the Conan show, and he's just started a new behind-the-scenes web series over at called The Pardo Patrol. This episode features the hilarious Dr. Ken Jeong and Jimmy sharing a little post-racial banter.

WTF Starts on WBEZ This Sunday!


WTF on WBEZ from WBEZ on Vimeo.

For you Chicagoans out there, WTF is coming to WBEZ starting Sunday at 8PM. Mark your calendars!

Al Madrigal on The Daily Show


Our long-time friend (really - he booked me and Jordan a Prank the Dean gig once!) Al Madrigal has joined the Daily Show as Senior Latino Correspondent. This was his (very funny) first segment on the show.

Bravo to one of comedy's top guys!

Brother Ali & Jay Smooth on the N Word


"Racially, I'm still priveleged. No matter how big my heart is, no matter how much I want to rage against the machine, no matter what I do in life, I'm always going to be priveleged." - Brother Ali

Two great past Sound of Young America guests chop it up. Some serious insights here.

via Jay's tumblr.

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