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The MaxFunDrive is Over: Thank You!


Our thanks go out to the ONE THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED NINETY FIVE new donors who signed up to support during our MaxFunDrive, to the thousands who already supported it and who increased their donations, to the hundreds who made challenge donations, and to everyone who spread the word and convinced a friend to support quality media.

You rule!

We're proud to be supported by people who love our work. And that's the truth, Ruth.

Thank you gifts will be mailed in approximately six to eight weeks. Please begin enjoying the warm feeling in your heart immediately.

Of course, even now that the pledge drive is over, you can donate anytime. Thank you!



We've just left our goal of 1000 new donors in the dust. How many new donors can we get in the last three days of our MaxFunDrive? Could we make it to 1500??

If you haven't already supported your favorite shows, do it now! There's no time to waste!

MaxFunDrive: 86%!


We're now up to EIGHT HUNDRED EIGHTY SIX new monthly donors in the 2012 MaxFunDrive.

The drive ends on Sunday, so get in on the sweet pledge drive action now before it's too late!

Original illustration by Jesse Thorn

39.6% of the way there!


Illustration by Mr. Jesse Thorn

We had a kick-ass day in the MaxFunDrive yesterday, and rocketed up to just shy of 40% of our goal!

If you haven't given already, give you old so and so!

And if you have: THANK YOU!

#MaxFunDrive: 22% of the way there!!


Illustration by Jesse Thorn

The Maximum Fun Drive is in full swing!

Our goal is 1000 new monthly donors to, and we're well on our way. As of this posting (Wednesday morning), we're at 216, or just a little under 22% of our goal! In addition, nearly 100 continuing donors have upped their donations!

A consortium of ONE HUNDRED existing monthly donors have also issued a challenge: for every new donor during the drive, they'll give a total of over SEVEN DOLLARS to Maximum Fun.

How could you not support something this awesome?

Please Welcome: International Waters!


Our newest MaxFun show is International Waters!

International Waters is a pop-cultural comedy quiz show where land laws do not apply. Join me (Jesse Thorn) in the lawless waters off the coast of wherever, as a team of comedians from the United States battles one from the United Kingdom for WORLD SUPREMACY.

Our pilot episode features Paul Scheer and Janet Varney representing the US of A in a skirmish with Tom Parry and Josie Long in London, England. Plus an interview with director Rian Johnson (Brick, The Brothers Bloom), who was also kind enough to host a bonus round.

Listen to the show online using the player above, or subscribe to the show in iTunes now!

If you use a non-iTunes podcatcher, use this feed:

For the time being, we're planning on making International Waters a once-a-month event, with the next episode coming during the MaxFunDrive. Our hope is that the drive will generate the capital we need to keep the show running, so if you like our first episode and want to hear more, give generously and tell us you want more IW!

Put This On, Season 2, Episode 1: The Melting Pot


We just posted this new episode of Put This On over on that site. See if you can catch the cameo from one of JJGo's favorite guests.

Donors-Only Bullseye / TSOYA Feed Is Retiring

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We're retiring the old donors-only "TSOYA on the Radio" feed for Bullseye. Since we've upgraded the audio quality of the standard Bullseye feed, and are now podcasting the show in radio (or slightly-longer-than-radio) form, it had become redundant.

If you formerly subscribed to the donors-only feed, please subscribe to the regular Bullseye feed.

The standard feed If you use iTunes, you can just click this link to go to our iTunes page, then subscribe in the iTunes software.

(If you're one of a few people who got a mini-podcast in the standard feed saying that feed had been discontinued - sorry, I accidentally posted it briefly to the regular feed instead of the donors feed. If you get the regular podcast, no need to do anything.)

Please Welcome: Throwing Shade!


Please Welcome: Throwing Shade

I'm so excited to announce the latest member of the MaxFun family: Throwing Shade!

Throwing Shade is a weekly comedy show hosted by Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi. Erin and Bryan first worked together on Current's hilarious and dearly missed infoMania, where Bryan hosted "That's Gay!" and Erin held down "Modern Lady," looking at the funniest parts of the awful parts of being gays and ladies in America.

They've taken those themes and brought them to Throwing Shade, where they tear apart the most embarrassing and horrible parts of our culture's sexism, homophobia and general wrong-headedness with wit and charm to spare. Seriously: these two are just exceptionally pleasant, funny people who also happen to not take any shit from anybody.

We've been secretly fomenting our plan to associate for a couple months now, but we're finally ready to announce it, and I couldn't be happier. Bryan and Erin are absolutely brilliant, and their show is crazy hilarious. And for God's sake BRYAN HAS AN EMMY!


Anyway, subscribe now, and donate in the MaxFunDrive so we can get these guys a great big pile of money for the great work they're doing. If you don't, you're almost certainly a sexist homophobe. (My baseless, irresponsible accusation, not theirs.)

Chris Gethard on Fighting


Here's a clip from next week's Bullseye (or more accurately a clip that was cut from next week's Bullseye but that we couldn't bear to leave on the cutting room floor).

It seems that comedian Chris Gethard genuinely believes that he could potentially win the UFC Welterweight crown. And that it would be worth fighting the current champion, a terrifying man named George St. Pierre, just in case he's right.

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