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The Sound of Young America In One Big Torrent

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As you likely already know, today marks the first day of a new era here at Maximum Fun, as our flagship show, The Sound of Young America, becomes Bullseye with Jesse Thorn.

It's a very exciting day for me, personally, but it's a bit sad, too. I've been working on The Sound of Young America for eleven years now. That's the longest I've done pretty much anything. It has been as central to my life as anything that doesn't have "Thorn" in its name. It's my thing.

I decided a few weeks ago that the best way to remember the show would be to offer a free torrent of all of it. Every single file we've got. Every episode. 500 or so, by my count. More than 15 gigs. A few videos I found lying around, too.

The contents of this torrent are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License. That means you can share them non-commercially as freely as you like. In fact, I hope that you will. Feel free to upload the torrent to public trackers, as well.

I do have two requests.

First, remember that we're supported by your donations, so if you are a donor, thank you, and if you're not, please become one.

Second, if you can, please seed this torrent, so others can share in the fun.

Without further ado...

The Sound of Young America in One Big Torrent

Me at the KZSC mixing board, circa 2003

The Bullseye Shirt is here!


Bullseye shirts are here!

They're just $20 over at the MaxFunStore. We're currently taking pre-orders for three colors. Everyone who pre-orders will get their favorite color, but once they go into production, we'll only be offering the best-selling color, so act now.

$20, ultra-premium (that's how we roll). Do it!

Bullseye Episode One is Coming: Tuesday!


Zac Wolf Shoots Jesse & Jordan


Before our show last week, photographer Zac Wolf stopped by to shoot some pictures of Jordan and me. He did a wonderful job. You can check out his shots on his tumblog here.

Noz's Best Raps, 2011

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Sound of Young America contributor Andrew Noz just dropped off his top 50 rap singles of 2011. I have to admit that I look forward to this list every year.

Above is one of my favorites of the year, Pete Rock's "Roses," with Smif & Wessun and Freeway. Noz's top pick this year is a natural, N*ggas in Paris.

Ice Cube on the Eames

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Ice Cube presents a defense of Los Angeles architectural aesthetics and an appreciation of Charles & Ray Eames.

Yes, Ice Cube.

Also of note: he declares traffic on the 110 freeway to be "gangsta traffic." Good to know.

Jackie Wilson Said


Probably my favorite song by a white person.

Also: who knew that Fred Wesley toured with Van Morrison?

Yeah, you better give Fred Wesley a solo.

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