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Joell Ortiz - Battle Cry

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"When the revolution comes, where will you hide?"


From the prescient Wonder Showzen, one of the most remarkable of all remarkable television programs.

The creators of Wonder Showzen on The Sound of Young America in 2006

Finally: Someone is Taking On the 99%

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Finally, someone is brave enough to take on the 99%, and it is our own Deranged Millionaire, Mr. John Hodgman.

Skyzoo - Written in the Drums


The World Class Wreckin Cru - Surgery


"I'm Dr. Dre, gorgeous hunk of a man / Doing tricks in the mix that no others can."

I once wrote a Prank the Dean sketch where the premise was that a guy out on a date had hired DJ Clue to do drops in his date. There was a World Class Wreckin Cru joke in there, and Jordan and Jim looked at me like I was insane when I pitched it.

The Coup - Fat Cats, Bigga Fish


"The streetlight reflects off the urine on the ground / which reflects off the hamburger sign which turns round / which reflects of the grill of the BMW / which reflects of the fact that I'm broke / so what the fuck is new?"

Clams Casino f. ASAP Rocky - Wassup


Some chill-out weekend night music.

Joe Bataan - Subway Joe


Everybody boogaloo!



This important video was directed by Tom Scharpling on behalf of our friend, Mr. John Hodgman. It concerns the lifestyle of a DERANGED MILLIONAIRE. Featured in this video are Vernon Reid of Living Colour, Brooke Shields, ?uestlove and OTHER MAJOR CELEBRITIES.

It is your duty to WATCH the video, and to VOTE FUNNY the video. It is an easy duty to fulfill, as the video is TREMENDOUS. Then, simply order Hodgman's final book in his trilogy of all world knowledge, THAT IS ALL.

Also: Dick Cavett behaves boorishly.

Ed Lee: Too Legit to Quit


I am, frankly, too far from San Francisco politics these days to endorse a candidate for mayor. Even if I was going to endorse a candidate, I wouldn't do it here.

I can, however, endorse this internet video for Ed Lee, which features our friend Ashkon as an MC-Hammer-like figure, MC Hammer as MC Hammer, plus Brian Wilson, Ronnie Lott, Willie Brown and other San Francisco legends. (Also for some reason?)

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