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MaxFunDrive Update - 670!


As of this morning, we have 670 new members - including 4 new Golden Eagles! Majestic!

From here forward, however, instead of weather updates, I'm going to feature silly pictures of our beloved hosts. Here's hoping that their lovely smiles remind you of the joy that Maximum Fun brings to your life each week.

MaxFunDrive Update - 630!


Another beautiful weekend in Los Angeles!

Made even more lovely by your support. By Sunday evening, we had reached 630 new donors!

Thanks so much! If you haven't yet donated, there's still time! Just click on "Donate!"

Goal completion: 630/1000 new donors, 63% there!

MaxFunDrive Update - 404!


Here on the lovely fourth day of the MaxFunDrive, we have another big update: we've gained 404 new members!

Also: the weather in LA is still beautiful and puppies are still very cute. Your donations make all these wonderful things possible.

Seriously, it is going well - but we still need your help to keep our programs running. Please donate today.

Progress: 404/1000 new donors - 40% of the way!

MaxFunDrive Update - 307!


So here we are - blasting off the third happy day of the MaxFunDrive! It's a beautiful day here in downtown Los Angeles . . .

Why? Well, for one, it's delightfully sunny and warm. But also: we have 307 new friends / members! Yay!

Become one of our members today! Visit

MaxFunDrive - Update!

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And we're off!

So far, in the first 36 hours or so of the MaxFunDrive, we already have nearly 200 new members!! Yay!

In addition, more than 50 loyal donors upgraded their membership!

You people are the BEST!! Our goal is 1,000 new members by April 12 - so let's keep it up!!

It's the 2013 MaxFunDrive!!


And BOY do we have some great things planned! First and foremost, take care of business, and support your favorite podcasts by visiting and becoming a member of Maximum Fun. It's ridiculously easy, and you'll get some great gifts.

Yes, GIFTS! Awesome ones! Intimate ones! For a full list of all of the amazing gifts we're offering to new and upgrading members this year, click here.

And after you've become a member, make sure you tell your friends about it. When you tweet a link to the donate page using the #MaxFunDrive hashtag, you'll be entered to win a trip to Los Angeles and a tour of MaxFunHQ. Seriously. For more details, visit this page. Remember, the best tweet wins it, so flex your creativity muscles.

Finally, we're topping things off with a live Jordan, Jesse, Go! on Friday, April 12th at 7:30 PM Pacific Time. Tune in for a great time and ANOTHER awesome giveaway. Stay tuned for those details.

We hope you enjoy what we have planned for these next two weeks. We really pulled out all the stops -- great guests, amazing gifts, and legendary giveaways. Become a member now, and support the MaxFun podcasts you love. Thank you!

The Atlantic Ocean Comedy and Music Festival


Join your favorite comedians and musicians September 13th through 16th, 2013 for three fun-filled days on the high seas. It’s The Atlantic Ocean Comedy & Music Festival, presented by, Splitsider and KCRW!

Our ship sets sail from Miami, Florida for a three-night celebration of good times. We’ll have exclusive parties, a trip to a private Caribbean island, a stop in the Bahamas, and a truly spectacular lineup of comics and musicians, including

Maria Bamford ~ Kurt Braunohler ~ Chuck Bryant

John Darnielle ~ John Hodgman ~ Hari Kondabolu ~ Josie Long

Al Madirgal ~ Marc Maron ~ Nellie McKay ~ Eugene Mirman

Jasper Redd ~ John Roderick ~ Kristen Schaal ~ Nick Thune

And don’t worry, cruise enthusiasts: there will also be shuffleboard and giant plates of shrimp.

Ready to join us? BOOK NOW!

Meet International Waters' Team UK for February: Maeve Higgins and Howard Read


This interview was conducted and submitted by our friend in London, Mr. Chris Bowman.

This month’s “International Waters” team for the UK features two great comedians. Maeve Higgins is an Irish comedian temporarily living in London. She was the creator of the show Fancy Vittles in which she costarred with her sister Lilly; and she’s recently become a popular author after releasing her book of essays called, “We Have A Good Time…Don’t We?”. Most exciting: she will be making a special US appearance this Spring at MaxFunCon2013! Our second comedian, Howard Read sports a ridiculously long list of credentials. He’s an award winning stand-up, a singer/songwriter, an animator, and a father of two. He’s the creator of Little Howard’s Big Questions and this very funny children’s lullaby. Maeve and Howard spent a little time with us before the match to answer some questions. Even though it wasn’t really a warm up, they nailed it. They got all the answers right.

International Waters: I think the obvious question is: Where do you find the time to be a comedian, a songwriter, an animator…

Maeve Higgins: …Meditate…

IW: (laughs)…Yeah! And all the other stuff that doesn’t involve creativity?

Howard Read: Well I, I don’t really! (Laughs) I’ve go no time for anything. The animation takes up the longest really. Yeah, I just don’t do anything else.

IW: Well, I guess you have to focus your attention on one thing at a time.

Maron Chats with Conan about Roosters


Our friend Marc Maron was on Conan last night talking about Cuba, Hawaii and roosters that can't tell time.

Alumni Newsletter: Week of November 27, 2012

  • Our own Graham Clark, co-host of Stop Podcasting Yourself, has launched my favorite web series of 2012 to-date: “Graham Clark Wilderness Man”. This is must-see internet.
  • Eugene Mirman has announced that his first hour-long standup special, Eugene Mirman: An Evening of Comedy in a Fake Underground Laboratory will premiere on Comedy Central at midnight on Dec. 14th. Rumors are suggesting that it will include a theremin. If you’re in NYC, he’ll also be hosting a free simultaneous watching event / celebration at Bell House in Brooklyn.
  • The State Department recently invited party-rocker Andrew WK to perform at the US Embassy in Manama. He quickly announced on his own website that he would be a “cultural ambassador” who would unite the human race “with love and partying.” But, sadly, it was not to be. The State Department, shortly after reviewing his “entire body of work” rescinded the invitation. Andrew tweeted later that he believed the trip had been cancelled solely "because I'm too party."
  • Louis CK will release his fourth HBO special in early 2013. It will be filmed at one of the stops on his current tour. Good news for you folks without cable: he will eventually make it available as a $5 download from his website.

  • Your long wait is over: here is Brandon Bird’s T-mas Card for 2012. Fa la la la la, Fool!
  • Saddest comedy news of this holiday season: Wyatt Cenac is leaving the Daily Show. His last appearance will be on December 13th - the show’s last edition for this year.
  • Happiest news: Both Key and Peele and Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell have been renewed for another season.
  • Bonus news: Hodgman on both 30 Rock AND the Daily Show this evening. Stay in. Make popcorn.
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