Bullseye With Jesse Thorn End of Year 2016 Comedy Special


The Bullseye team has taken on the terrible task of finding the best of the best comedy albums and bringing them to you in a nice little end of year package. 2016 has been a rough year, so listen to some incredible comedians to celebrate making it through!

Links have been provided below for all of the comedians you’ve heard on this episode.

Kyle Kinane - Loose In Chicago
Matt Besser - Matt Besser Breaks The Record
Colin Quinn - Unconstitutional
Maria Bamford - 20%
Chris Garcia - Laughing and Crying at the Same Time
Hari Kondabolu - Mainstream American Comic
Kamau Bell - Semi-Prominant Negro
Cameron Esposito - Marriage Material
Rhea Butcher - Butcher
Aparna Nancherla - Just PUtting It Out There
Josh Gondleman - Physical Whisper
Baron Vaughn - Blaxistential Crisis
Emily Maya Mills - By A Thread
Brandie Posey - Opinion Cave
Tig Notaro - Boyish Girl Interrupted