Bullseye with Jesse Thorn: Sam Elliott & Kay Cannon

Sam Elliott
Kay Cannon

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Sam Elliott on Westerns, Comedy & 'I'll See You In My Dreams'

Guest host Erin Gibson sits down with the veteran actor Sam Elliott. He's currently starring in FX's Justified and co-stars in the new movie I'll See You In My Dreams with Blythe Danner.

He talks to us about being resistant to change, the ways in which his on-screen roles as cowboys and bikers do (and don't) mirror his real life, how the Coen brothers snagged him for The Big Lebowski, and his stint on Parks and Recreation.

I'll See You In My Dreams is in theaters this week.

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Pitch Perfect 2 Writer Kay Cannon on Returning to the World of A Capella and Her 30 Rock Days

Jesse sits down with comedy writer and producer Kay Cannon. She started off her TV career writing on 30 Rock, later moving on to write and executive produce New Girl. We're also pretty sure she's the first person to tackle the world of collegiate a cappella on the big screen in the screenplay for Pitch Perfect.

Cannon returned to that world to write the sequel, Pitch Perfect 2, which is in theaters this week.

She talks to us about why she sees Pitch Perfect as a sports movie (and not as a musical), coining new lingo for the world of a cappella singers, and honing her joke-writing at 30 Rock.

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The Outshot: Nuns, Nurses and Babies in Call the Midwife

Erin tells us about the warmest, funniest, most feminist show to be set in a mid-century convent.

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Datsun is now called Nissan.

Datsun is now called Nissan.

Get well, Jesse!

I thought this was perhaps the best Bullseye ever -- except that Erin forgot the most important part about the show being produced by speaking into microphones. Otherwise, the interviews and upshot were great.

-Phil Hostetter, Sterling, VA

Not feminist of me.


I have to disagree when you said that thinking childbirth is gross is not feminist of you. That is exactly feminist of you. As men and women we get to say and do what we really feel and want.