Bunker Buddies 2.0

Matt Shah

Hey Buddies! We're back! We've been trapped in the Bunker since we're LIVING IN A REAL APOCALYPSE! Since life is dark enough we're putting a new positive spin on the show. Tackling subjects that are all about how you're going to survive in the Bunker! Same show! New filter!

This Week!
Andie recommends Dr. Daniel Siegel's Book AWARE, "The guide to the groundbreaking meditation practice ", that has some helpful online tools if you wanna try out the meditation here:

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We take YOUR calls! If you wanna hear your voice on Bunker Buddies call 701-335-6056 tells us your favorite gear and ask a question or leave a comment!

Buddy in the Bunker! Matt Shah Hikes the Himalayas!
Ben sits down with Matt Shaw who recently spent a week hiking the Himalayas. They talk surviving in crazy climates and how managing your water is the difference between life and death.

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