Apocalypse Dating/Holidays


Happy holidays buddies! On this very special (and somewhat irregular!) episode, we cover a wide range of topics! Are you worried about how poor hygiene will effect your dating life during the Apocalypse? Are you struggling to find that perfect holiday gift for the prepper who has everything? What will you give your loved ones after it all goes to hell? The answer to all three is basically 'guns and toothbrushes". Also, enjoy the random discussion on gun control! Wondering what you can get us for the holidays? EASY! Just share us with a friend!

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Walking Dead-Mas

Believe it or not, The Walking Dead comic brings up Christmas in a really early issue. The adults decide not to remind the kids about it, because they don't want to have to explain that Santa can't find them this year.

The End Times

I have a question regarding the end of all things. How does one know what kind of Armageddon one is experiencing? If the power is out and communication is down, how do you determine how to react? The End may come in one of many forms; how can you identify what End is occurring?