Apocalypse Now!

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Hello Buddies! A lot of scary stuff in the news, huh? Talk of "signs of apocalypse"? Well, we found 4 stories we just HAD to talk about! Hear about a swarm of beetles in Argentina that have inexplicably taken over a beach! Learn a little about the Zika virus. There's a pretty good chance you won't be hearing this episode if Asteroid 2013 tx68 comes a lot closer to Earth than expected! There's been reports/cases of the Plague recently. Yes, THAT plague! This is real stuff that is really happening right now! Enjoy Buddies!


Fooled me into thinking the apocalypse had happened

Hello T&A,
Theo from Newport News, VA here (I feel like that's not important, but my mom always taught me it was rude not to introduce myself). I've been binge-listening to all your episodes and really enjoying them. I'm an amateur prepper as well and find your take on these subjects funny and at times enlightening.

Enough buttering! I was listening to your latest podcast (Apocalypse Now!) in my car and just as you got to the story about asteroid Eros passing close to Earth this happened:
Travis: "... and this episode going up on the 9th. So there's a chance..."

The audio had stopped.
For a brief second I thought, "Wait, did it happen and I missed it?"
Then I realized, "Oh, they're just screwing with us."
Then I realized the battery had died on my bluetooth speaker. Could not have timed it better if I tried, and left me laughing so hard I couldn't even get my headphones on to finish listening (I did eventually).

P.S. You missed a great opportunity to screw with us just there :)