Best Bug Out City/EDC Items

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Oh, come in buddies! You've stumbled upon one of our "social bunkers"! We've got bunkers all over this great land! In this episode, we discuss which city/area would be the best general locations to head to during the apocalypse! Rural or urban? East coast? West coast? Maybe a fancy resort location?

Then, in part 2, we discuss everyday carry items! What items do Travis and Andie have on them on a day-to day basis? What items should YOU carry? What can you carry and not look like a weirdo? Do you own a tasteful satchel? All this and more!

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Washington DC

Hey, Andie goes super hard on Washington, DC in this episode. I think it is totally unwarranted. DC has gotten much safer than it was in the 80's, and not just because crime in this country has gone down. The other issue is that DC's boundaries skew the numbers. DC itself only has a 650k population, whereas the metro area has roughly 5.8 million. So the crime rate isn't lowered by the more sparsely populated areas, and the number of people in the city on a daily basis vastly exceeds the 650k number (as many of the metro area population works or travels through DC daily). On top of that, just like any city, there are dangerous areas and very safe areas.

So lay off DC.