Hello buddies! No guest this week, just Travis and Andie! This week, it's all out cannibalism! Would Travis eat Andie? Would Andie eat Travis? Would you be more likely to eat someone you disliked or a stranger? We talk about whether or not slaughtering animals for food might desensitize you to cannibalism. We share some interesting cannibalism facts! Were you hoping we'd tell you all about some documented cases of cannibalism? You got it! Pull up a chair and take a bite out of fun!

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Meet your meat

Stephen King wrote an excellent story about a doctor on a desert island with no food - just a scalpel and a whole lot of heroin. He breaks his ankle and needs to amputate his foot - what, should he just throw it away? It's called "Survivor Type."

Interesting note about the artist who cooked meatballs with his own fat. He commented: "I want to show people that meatballs made with my fat are no more disgusting than the meatballs you buy in the supermarket". Is he wrong, and if so, why? Unless you believe that the cow whose meat is in that meatball has no soul (as Andie appears to) then both are just food products. The only difference is that the fat was donated willingly, whereas the cow was killed against her will.

"We don't condone cannibalism" should maybe be expanded to "we don't condone eating anyone who can suffer fear and pain".

Just trying to survive

Couldn't get this out of my head while listening to this episode! Kinda throws the 60 days per person calculation out the window--

Love the show!