Cults & Tasty Cockroaches Be Trending, Yo! & W/ Lindsay Ames!

Lindsay Ames

Comedian/Chef Lindsay Ames guests as we dive into why a diary is a great tool to maintain sanity in the apocalypse while Lindsay brings the goods with her very thoughtful "End of Days" themed dishes. Spoiler alert: She really puts the MEN in Menu. Ben catches us up on what's going down with the Cult on FarCry5 meanwhile Andie brings the Cult Clues. Clues you should be aware of especially if you think you might be in a cult! (If you think so please email us at And It's the MAXFUN DRIVE! Yeow! Become a new or upgrading member now! You get to support our show directly, AND you get cool and exclusive gifts! What's not to love!

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