Hello Buddies! Welcome to our show! This week we take on the looming danger of Electro-Magnetic Pulses! How do you prepare? How do you survive? How do you deal with robots as a female president? Where can you stock up on affordable and delicious cheesecakes for post-apocalyptic pig outs? All these answers and more on this episode! Welcome and we love you!

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GPS Post Apoc

Your smartphone or Garmin will probably be a brick because of the EMP, unless it's safely tucked away in your lead-lined Faraday cage in an abandoned salt mine.

About 'will GPS work' in this scenario

'will GPS work' in this scenario - not on smartphones, no. Smartphones only need the GPS (satellite) connection to get your current location. However, they need the 3G signals from the cell towers to draw the map around your dot. The cell towers require electricity to broadcast/ receive.

Old fashioned purpose-built GPS systems, like old Tomtom, built before 3G was a thing, usually have maps of the world hardcoded and stored on their hard drive, and would still work assuming the satellites are still up. But who still has those lying around? Other than boaters...

I actually still have my old

I actually still have my old GPS for my car, basically an off-brand Tomtom. The thing still works fairly well, and I use it when I don't want to use up my phone's power or data.