Food Shortage/MREs

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Buddies! Welcome back for episode two! Is the Earth running out of food? Will there be mass panic as super maket shelves are emptied? Will Travis and Andie enjoy a glass of fruit-infused hard liquor after the world ends? Join us as we discuss all these topics and the top foods to store in your emegency stock pile! Not only that, we taste test a couple MREs and emergency rations! Thank you so much for listening! Don't forget to subscribe/rate/review and then tell all your friends! Stay safe out there!


MREs and the lack of pooping...

Not sure if I'm too late with this fun fact, but according to my friend who is an officer in the Army, MREs have always been designed to keep you constipated because pooping in wartime makes you vulnerable. If you are eating MREs instead of regular Army food, it is probably a dangerous situation and you shouldn't be leaving to go poop. That might get you killed. Constipation > Dead.