Inevitable Apocalypse! w/ Sandeep Parikh

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Sandeep Parikh

Welcome Buddies! Well, this is it. No way around it, the world is going to end in 24 hours... hypothetically. What do you do with your last precious moments? Do you spend time with family? Hang out in Dodger Stadium? Or just do all the drugs? Sandeep Parikh joins us to discuss what WE would do in the event that the end would hypothetically be nigh! What would YOU do?! Be sure to let us know!

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You guys need to watch

You guys need to watch "Melancholia". It's about the end of the world.
I think it was another planet that was going to hit earth.
It's a Lars von Trier movie, so it's also about depression !
People go through all kinds of emotions just like you discussed.