Last Man/Woman on Earth


Hello Buddies and Happy New Year! Andie and Travis take a break from the festivities this week to discuss what they think would happen if they were the last man or the last woman on earth. The conversation quickly turns to what the world would look like if it were all men/all women! Would gender expectations shift? Would the concepts of “masculinity” and “femininity” go right out the window? Would Andie get to smooch Channing Tatum while Travis gets to be the “token guy” at all the parades?! Find out this week on Bunker Buddies as we have one of our most esoteric conversation yet!

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Intro and outro by Brentalfloss

Art by Justin Russo


No Forum SO...

Mad props to Travis for being a grown ass man that does needle arts!! Not sure if that tidbit is in any MBMBaM! *squee*

This will probably get moderated

Maximum Fun is great at moderating, so this will probably get deleted, but Andie says some really unsubstantiated dumb shit on this show. Last episode was the bit about people who were trained on guns have fewer accidents. How many stories have been in the news recently about that exact thing happening? And then the portion about all boys and all girls schools. It's not like the students aren't exposed to other sexes throughout their schooling and studies have shown that it doesn't impact their interaction with the opposite sex once they finish school. Good lord.

interesting stuff about break-down of gender conventions etc.

Hey guys, enjoying this podcast. The stuff about breaking down normative sexual stereotypes is already clear to see in prisons. You may wish to watch louis Thereauxs documentary on maximum security prisons. He talks to a couple in prison where the guy states that he's straight outside of prison. it's interesting stuff. I think the lines are far fuzzier than most of us would believe. I definitely regard myself as straight, but that isn't to say i don't see some guys and think they're attractive. In a world where there was no women, who knows!