Travis McElroy Returns! Huzzah! w/ Renee Colvert!

Travis McElroy
Renee Colvert

Classic Travis is back! With lots to update us on! We talk surviving the first year of being a father, a first time home owner, then Travis and Andie get real about mental health! TW suicide and depression and the apocalypse. Travis gives some handy daddy and building your own mantel tips. The our BUDDY IN THE BUNKER is special guest RENEE COLVERT from another MaxFun smash hit, CAN I PET YOUR DOG?! She's got Tug updates! This is a special holiday encompassign episode just for you guys! Rate us on iTunes! Subscribe! And tell your friends about us! It just might save someone from losing a fight to a zombie... #HopeAndCheesecake! Love you All! @TravisAndAndie on twitter! Search Bunker Buddies on FACEBOOK and come play with us! BYYYEEE!