CIPYD 130: Valentine's Day with Jenny Jaffe & Mike Levine"

Jenny Jaffe
Mike Levine

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY EVE! Will you be our Valentine? (And while we're at it, will you also be cool when we can only remember the name of ONE of the dogs we met this week? Awesome. You're the best.) We have the Affenpinscher for this week's mutt minute. AND! We have power couple Jenny Jaffe and Mike Levine here to tell us all about their amazing pup Spoof, who is truly a contender for the world's cutest dog. Grab your dog/valentine and tune in!

Plus, don't forget to mark your calendars: we're taking your calls for our call-in show on February 17th at 2pm PST! Call us at 323-250-3315 to tell us all about your dogs!