CIPYD 15: Asterios Kokkinos and Puglet

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Asterios Kokkinos

Welcome, welcome, welcome all! We're joined this week by super-guest Asterios Kokkinos for the whole episode! You probably know him from a bunch of things including writing for MaxFun's own International Waters! And he brought PRESENTS! Also on this episode, a new segment called "Paws Cause" and this week it's all about wine! In Dogs We Met This Week, Buttercup proves to be a terrible wing-dog! This week's Mutt Minute is all about the Tibetan Mastiff (and it's puppies)! Have you guys heard abou the all Pug Hamlet called "Puglet"?! Trust us, it's great! Then we make Asterios tells us a touching dog immigration story! And join us for a Cool Dog Tech for a perfect match! This episode is jam packed with awesom


A Dog A Day

I just recently discovered your podcast and enjoy it. I thought you might enjoy a cartoonist's work that focuses on dogs

Also, would you mind if I started a podcast called Can I Kiss Your Frog?