CIPYD 25: Dog Pants

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Oh hello! You've caught us in the middle of a very important philosophical discussion: What's the deal with the Scooby Gang?! In Dogs We Met This Week, we fought through the El Nino to meet a dog IN GALOSHES!!! We've also got the Mutt Minute of Allegra's life: Chihuahuas! Did you see the meme making the rounds about "dog pants"? Seems there's a company out there that took the idea and ran with it! In a very personal Dog News, Allegra got a lot of really awesome dog themed gifts for her birthday! Hear all about them and everything else! Join us!


If we had to decide...

Love the podcast! I don't have a dog but you guys provide me with enough material to have one vicariously! There was one thing that stuck with me after listening to this episode though: whether you are species-ist versus racist when discriminating against a dog breed. If you are debating whether dog breeds should be considered like races or like species, they are definitely more like races. For example, chihuahuas and beagles can have puppies together, but a chihuahua purist may think this is wrong (like a racist human may think about X race + X race having babies). Also, you wouldn't consider an Asian woman (like me) to be in a different species from a black woman (and if you do consider us different species I'm going to have some judgments about you). We are different races/ethnicities from the same species!