CIPYD 46: Andrew WK and Jesse Thorn

Andrew WK
Jesse Thorn

Oh my goodness! Are you ever in for a treat this week! First, we are joined by special guest host Jesse Thorn. Or, as we like to call him, THE KING. In Dogs We Met This Week, Allegra met some mystery window dogs and Jesse met some mystery flea market dogs! You're gonna learn all about Rat Terriers in this week's Mutt Minute! Plus, a bonus discussion all about children's books! In Dog News this week, a dog-centric senior prank that is somehow both harmless and funny! We are joined this week by professional partier and all-around super star Andrew WK! We talk to him about his childhood dogs, dogs on tour, meeting Lil Bub and so much more! You're not going to want to miss this one folks!