Ep. 4 Mutt Minute and Julie Ann Emery

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Julie Ann Emery

Hello and welcome once again to another episode! As always, we're ready to talk about the dog's we met this week, but first we consider a drastic name change in order to sound more like a morning radio show! We play a brand new game that we're calling "Name That Dog!" and have an extensive conversation on imaginary dogs! Actress Julie Ann Emery (Better Call Saul, Fargo) tells us all about her late dog Baxter (Spoiler: he was a pretty great dog!) Another brand new segment this week that we're calling "Mutt Minute!" Renee challenges Allegra to tell us everything she can about Clumber Spaniels in just 60 seconds! Finally, the entertainment world recently lost a great dog actor. We pay tribute to Uggie, the canine star of films such as The Artist and Water for Elephants! Don't forget to send us pictures of YOUR dogs to our Twitter and Instagram: @CIPYDPodcast!


Baxter, Julie Ann Emery

This was amazing. Baxter sounds like an amazing dog who was given a wonderful life.