Chicago Max Fun Meetup

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MaxFunster Doug-Life has put together a great Maximum Fun Meetup itinerary for the night of our live show in Chicago. If you want to head out to drinks & dinner with some fellow TSOYA fans, here are the details:

Halloween MaxFun Dinner Plans

4pm : Happy Hour at Angelo's Tavern
Corner of North Ave and Sedgewick. South west of the theater.

6pm : Dinner at Old Jerusalem Restaurant
South of the theater in Old Town.
1411 N. Wells
Here is a PDF of their menu.

RSVPs are cool, but not 100% essential.
PM me or email

I am flying in that day, so I can't absolutely promise I'll attend, but I'll do my best to stop by at the very least. See you there!

Chicago: The Guests So Far...

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As most of you know, The Sound of Young America will be live in Chicago on Halloween. We're at the Second City's e.t.c. stage, with an in-person taping and lots and lots of big fun. Best of all, it's all 100% free.

So far, you can expect comedy from Hannibal, Team Submarine, Schadenfreude and The Second City, PLUS an interview with rock superproducer Steve Albini.

We may yet add a music act to the mix, but things are looking really exciting. The comedy lineup is bursting and I can't wait to talk to Steve -- I spoke with him briefly today and he's a firecracker.

Chicagoans: be there or be square.

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