Live in Chicago: Going Swimmingly

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Woo hoo!

Our planning for the The Sound of Young America Live! in Chicago is going swimmingly. We've an official forum thread, an official pre-show meetup, a MySpace events page (RSVP! Invite friends!), an event page on Facebook (same deal), and even... A LINEUP!

Performing comedy will be:
Hannibal Buress (above on the Late Late Show)
Team Submarine
& The Second City

I'll be interviewing legendary rock producer Steve Albini -- the man who produced In Utero among many, many, many other great rock albums.

Plus we'll have live music!

It's all free of course, and it's all Halloween night at the Second City's etc stage. I promise to get everyone out of there in time to go to Halloween parties, too. Tell your friends! Go! Please!

Chicago Max Fun Meetup

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MaxFunster Doug-Life has put together a great Maximum Fun Meetup itinerary for the night of our live show in Chicago. If you want to head out to drinks & dinner with some fellow TSOYA fans, here are the details:

Halloween MaxFun Dinner Plans

4pm : Happy Hour at Angelo's Tavern
Corner of North Ave and Sedgewick. South west of the theater.

6pm : Dinner at Old Jerusalem Restaurant
South of the theater in Old Town.
1411 N. Wells
Here is a PDF of their menu.

RSVPs are cool, but not 100% essential.
PM me or email

I am flying in that day, so I can't absolutely promise I'll attend, but I'll do my best to stop by at the very least. See you there!

Chicago: The Guests So Far...

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As most of you know, The Sound of Young America will be live in Chicago on Halloween. We're at the Second City's e.t.c. stage, with an in-person taping and lots and lots of big fun. Best of all, it's all 100% free.

So far, you can expect comedy from Hannibal, Team Submarine, Schadenfreude and The Second City, PLUS an interview with rock superproducer Steve Albini.

We may yet add a music act to the mix, but things are looking really exciting. The comedy lineup is bursting and I can't wait to talk to Steve -- I spoke with him briefly today and he's a firecracker.

Chicagoans: be there or be square.

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