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Jack Hannah on Letterman, 2005


My new thing is watching Jack Hannah clips from Letterman.

I highly recommend watching the clip above, which was shared on the forum by GloriousKyle.

Even more than that, though, I recommend watching Thursday's show online. The whole thing's great, including the musical performance by a wonderful country singer I'd never heard named Jamey Johnson, but if you want to cut straight to the animals, fast forward to the second dot on the timeline. Then watch, and laugh like you've never laughed before.

If I ever get a talk show, I want it to be all demonstrations. Cooking segments, animals... fuck celebrities. Just all dumb stuff, all the time.

"Don't kid yourself, this kid can whistle."


The Black Keys on Letterman.

Lyle the Intern

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Jimmi Simpson killed it on Party Down last week. And this is just as fantastic.

Tina Fey on Tracy Morgan


Everyone's talking about Wolverine, but it's the second part that I love the most.

Podcast: TSOYA Classic: Holiday Party


We continue our journey into The Sound of Young America's vast audio archive with this program from The Sound of Young America Classics.

Everyone's favorite 30-year-old paperboy, Chris Elliott, sits down with us. Actor, comedian, author, and professional David Letterman guest. Is there anything this guy can't do? Also on the show, a classic bit of street pranking brought to you by Coyle & Sharp and Hang it up/Keep it up.

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Classic television: Oprah on Letterman


Nick Adams here.

Every now and then, television transcends basic entertainment and becomes an event. Jon Stewart’s famous bitch slapping of Carlson and Begala on CNN’s Crossfire immediately comes to mind. As does this other gem from the recent past.

After sixteen years of a supposed feud, Oprah Winfrey finally made her way back to The Late Show with David Letterman back in December of 2005. Witness two television legends at the top of their game.


*The legendarily acerbic Letterman talking about reading Runaway Bunny to his son.

*Oprah’s present to Dave, which I won’t spoil for you.

*Oprah’s shock at Dave’s desire to talk about her efforts to build the much-discussed Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for girls.

But the big finale takes the cake. In an incredible bit of showbiz collusion and producorial foresight, Dave literally escorts Oprah outside, down the sidewalk, down the red carpet and right to the Broadway premiere of The Color Purple. It’s not very often that I find myself using the word classy without a hint of sarcasm. Enjoy.

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