Jordan, Jesse, Go! Live from the Battleship USS Iowa

01/25/2014 - 17:00 - 19:00
Los Angeles
Venue Name: 
USS Iowa

Hey! You sunk my battleship!

Fact: D-Day was planned by President Roosevelt on the USS Iowa.

Fact: Artillery launched from the USS Iowa's main guns can hit a target at up to 26 miles. So from its port in San Pedro, it can hit downtown Los Angeles! (For you non-Angelenos, that's like an hour and half with traffic.)

Fact: Jordan and Jesse are recording a live JJGO from the USS Iowa aka "The Big Stick" on January 25 at 5 PM and you're invited. Yeah, that's right, a battleship.

Tickets are $20 for the show only, and $35 for the show PLUS a tour of the ship!

All proceeds will go to Swords To Plowshares, "a community-based, not-for-profit veteran service organization that provides wrap-around care to more than 2,000 veterans in the San Francisco Bay Area each year, ...committed to helping veterans break through the cultural, educational, psychological and economic barriers they often face in their transition to the civilian world."

See Jordan & Jesse live with very special guests, January 25 at 5 PM on the USS Iowa in the Port of Los Angeles, California.

Because nothing says "comedy podcast" like a floating hunk of metallic destruction.

Get your tickets here!

Space is limited - the show is in the Officers' Wardroom - so don't wait, get your tickets now!