Stop Podcasting Yourself LIVE in Toronto!

03/03/2012 - 20:00 - 23:55
Venue Name: 
Comedy Bar

Stop Podcasting Yourself will record a live podcast on Saturday, March 3rd at the Comedy Bar in Toronto, featuring some hilarious surprise guests. Join us, won't you?

Tickets are available here.

(The link is being kinda weird. Just keep trying it.)

UPDATE: Tickets are now sold out for the show. You bought them up in about 3 days. Thanks! There will also be a stand-up show earlier that night. Tickets for that will be available at the door.


Sold out

Hey guys,
Yes, tickets are sold out. We didn't expect them to go so quickly. Graham and I will also be doing a stand-up show at the Comedy Bar earlier that evening. There are no advance tickets available for that but I believe you can make reservations for that by calling the Comedy Bar.

Sorry. We'll try to book a bigger room next time.


So when exactly are tickets

So when exactly are tickets on sale?
I'd love to get a few but the site tells me they're not available yet...

are tix sold out? Shows no tix avail

are tix sold out? Shows no tix avail

Ah! Damn your eyes, man!

I'll be elsewhere when I'd otherwise be in Toronto. And that otherwise would have been being in Toronto in the narrow window available to see STP.

Heavy sigh.

I guess I'll have to tell my friends to attend.

This is not feedback on Celebrity Birthdays

This doesn't count as feedback, so doesn't break that bit... but I'd like to hear celebrity astrology They share a birthday, so their fates must be intertwined? Preferably the horoscopes from The Onion.