Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 191: Lazer Buxx with Joshua Malina

Joshua Malina

Joshua Malina, star of The West Wing, Sportsnight and the hilarious web series Backwash, joins Jesse and Jordan to create a gymnasium for Hasidic teens and more.



1. I have the very same feelings about getting "vanity" glasses. I can't wait for my eyes to go.

2. You should call Adam Carolla about his idea to have a flock of attack crows protecting him.

Love the show...rising in my personal podcast ranks.



I was catching up on old JJGo episodes and came across this one and had to comment. It irks me to no end when people wear fake glasses. That shit has to be earned. I came to my glasses through years of reading in poorly lit rooms and sitting right in front of the TV. Would you get a wheelchair just to be cool? I suggest you try to do some irreparable damage to your eyes and then get the glasses.

System of a Down

I never thought about it before but Jesse's voice sorta sounds like the lead singer of System of a Down