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$10 per month

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Diamond Friendship Circle

$20 per month

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Leadership squad

$35 per month

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When you soar with the Golden Eagles, you can look forward to gaining exclusive insight into MaxFun hosts’ bookshelves, playlists, and Blu-ray players. That’s right—you’ll be in the Inner Circle. Each month, MaxFun hosts will share a piece of culture they’ve been digging. We’ll send you your copy of the pick via USPS or email download along with a note from the hosts letting you know exactly why they picked what they did.

If that’s not enough, we will also immortalize you in our office. We’ll collect your name (however you wish to be recognized), engrave it on an engraving plate, and permanently display it at MaxFun HQ.

In case you’re still on the fence, Golden Eagles also receive an invitation to the annual soirée that happens the evening before MaxFunCon in Los Angeles. Hang with the folks from MaxFunHQ, MaxFunCon performers and teachers, and your fellow Eagles and enjoy an unforgettable evening of potables and comestibles on us.

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Platinum Angel

$200 per month

If you’re ready to take a load off and relax among the clouds as a Platinum Angel, be prepared for metaphorical cherubs to be feeding you metaphorical grapes, constantly. You receive free registration for MaxFunCon 2020.* We’re talking the full ride: room, board, entertainment, drinks (with astonishing alcoholic and non-alcoholic options) and a whole bunch of new friends. All you gotta do is get yourself up the mountain, and you’re set.

*A $200 monthly membership must be maintained continuously through at least the date of MaxFunCon in order to be eligible for free registration.

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