The Flop House: Episode #172 - Legends of OZ: Dorothy's Return

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The Flop House

There’s just something about a terrible kids’ movie that brings out the best (?) in us, so we dive headfirst into the CGI flop Legends of OZ: Dorothy’s Return. Meanwhile, Stuart gives important advice to our kidnapped listeners, Dan inadvertently pitches the new hit movie “Uncatchable,” and Bizzarro Elliott makes an appearance.

Movies and TV recommended in this episode:

Logan’s Run


Favorite Podcast

I can't believe how quickly the Flophouse has become a favorite podcast of mine. I am almost through the whole back catalog, Good Pick Up Max Fun! Great Show Flophouse-a-rinos! I wish I was not so late to the Flophouse Party and I hope the Flophouse House Cat does not think I am a Frankie-Come-Lately.