Dynamic Duos Pt.1 | EP#9

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The Goosedown

Kim & Jasper discuss their favorites duos. Plus another installment of "Classical HipHop Quotables".

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Teena Marie and Rick James

In this episode, Jasper asserts that Teena Marie and Rick James are the only black male and white female vocal duo to put out a record. However Linda Ronstadt recorded a hit with James Ingram ("Somewhere Out There") and at least a couple with Aaron Neville ("Don't Know Much" and "All My Life.") Clearly these duos aren't as sexy-sexy as Rick and Teena, so point taken, but they did their part. I can't be the only white girl nudged toward puberty by Aaron Neville's tender tones and supermassive arms.

Thank you for the good work, and keep it up. The Goosedown is always the smoothest, funniest podcast place to be.