International Waters: Episode 16 Made of Squashed Cow

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Cariad and Joel enjoy some apres quiz
Cariad Lloyd
Joel Morris
Jonah Ray
Kulap Vilaysack

Guest host, Dave Holmes is joined by Cariad Lloyd, Joel Morris, Jonah Ray and Kulap Vilaysack in our 16th attempt to determine which country is better, Britain or the USA.

You can find Kulap's podcast here, Jonah's podcast is here, Joel's book is here, and Cariad's new BBC pilot can be seen here, as long as you're in Britain or can get into the BBC iPlayer some other way...

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EASTENDERS still plays in the US... fact, it's easier to find on broadcast (still on PBS and independent public stations) than CORONATION STREET. It's distributed in the US by KCET in LA, in fact, in cooperation with BBC Worldwide Americas...