Just a Kid from Ridgecrest, CA

Jonah Raydio
Mark Hoppus

Just a Kid from Ridgecrest, CA

“He’s actually pretty tasty with what he does”- Mark Hoppus on Travis Barker

Max Fun Drive Part Two. We are joined by gentleman, scholar, and bass player from Jonah’s cover band Mark Hoppus! We talk his roots, how Blink-182 initially got signed from some subtle car stereo placement, and his long history of making references to “making maternal love”. It’s also the final week of Max Fun Drive, so our buddy Lindsey calls in and reminds us of about the true spirit of the season. We learn a lot about ourselves and each other.

And as a second reminder of the Max Fun Drive, almost all the music we play is from our performers on our super special music festival Max Fun Bonus episode. Sign up at MaxFun.Org/Donate to get it!


Wince- All Things Considered

Colleen Green- Pay Attention

Jenn Champion- Balderdash

Swearin’- Kenosha

Upset- Do You Still Hate Me

Allie Goertz- Look At Me (feat. MC Frontalot)

Tiny Stills- Precious