Mike O'Brien

Jonah Raydio with Mike O'Brien
Jonah Raydio
Mike O'Brien

Mike O’Brien in “I DO NETWORK!”

JonahRaydiots, fall in! We have Mike O’Brien, creator of AP Bio on NBC and the legendary 7 Minutes in Heaven interview series, come to the South Pasadena area to answer for his crimes. The crimes of being pleasant and charming! We talk the lack of sincerity in television, 1st concerts, memories of his SNL times. He also goes deep on the Shellac song that he was able to use in the recent season finale of AP Bio. Check it out on your steaming service of preference. Listen on to find out all about the band The Real Neats and we have an isolated vocal track comedy discussion that has to be the top isolated vocal track comedy discussion we’ve done since we joined Max Fun a few months ago.

Keep writing in to tell Jonah what he’s wrong about. Submit your music. Stay Cool


Bluffs- Stupidtown

Freddy - Wet Noise

Shellac- The End of Radio

Aaron Beckum- Airport Cemetery Blues

The Gain- Tim Said Tim Said