Rob Schrab in "What's A Podcast"

Jonah Raydio
Rob Schrab

Aloha Podcast! Our guest this week is Rob Schrab, director, writer, co-creator of Channel 101 and author/artist/creator of Scud the Disposable Assassin as well as director of the new season of MST3K

It starts off great, then Neil gets over his skis with dropping his first contribution to the musical side with a song he got from Spencer Crittenden of the Harmontown podcast. But then we dive into Robs origins in comedy and how MST3K ties into it. We talk Neil’s fascination with the stories of Motley Crue but not their music and Rob’s music video for Death Cab for Cutie song Crooked Teeth

We talk the best parts of what Channel 101 has brought to our lives and how the concept of getting paid in fun beats getting paid almost nothing (Shots fired sound at JGL and HitRECord).

We also hearken back to Robs early days and talk his Dead Ale Wives D&D sketch that grew in the early days of the internet and his love for the VHS trading community

Then we take a deep dive into Scud, it’s origins as a comic, the way it helped break Rob’s career and eventually led to him abandoning the project pre finale, only to return to it years later to give the fans, and himself, the closure it and he needed. He announces a kickstarter to get Scud the color he’s always deserved.

Check out rob @RobSchrab or on instagram at @Schrabhomevideo


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