Sage Francis & B. Dolan- The Laugh Track of Awesomeness

Jonah Raydio
Sage Francis
B. Dolan

“[I’m a]better ping pong player than a slam poet.”- Sage Francis

Very Podcast this week. Sage Francis and B. Dolan, separately amazing road warrior MCs and together THE EPIC BEARD MEN supergroup you’ve been waiting for came and sit down with Jonah, Cash, and a commute harried Neil Mahoney. We talk how Malaysian food is the cuisine of the future, how the two of them have been working to keep their shows safe spaces, Scribble Jam, the periodic table of hip hop elements, the fun of doing “fantasy rap”, and we go deep on how Slam Poetry is a system that can be manipulated. Fascinating stuff from fascinating guys. Myself, I was a little starstruck. We didn’t play a ton of music on this show, but please check out both Sage and B. Dolan, separately and together


DIYMFS- Epic Beard Men

Let Them Eat War- Bad Religion
Let Them Eat Emily- Bad Religion

Graffiti Busters- B. Dolan

Two Different Worlds- Epic Beard Men