Bonus: Stop Podcasting Yourself with Scott Simpson

Scott Simpson
Dave Shumka
Graham Clark

A special treat for Jordan, Jesse, Go! subscribers: a show from our newest MaxFun affiliate, Stop Podcasting Yourself. This one features our old pal Scott Simpson from You Look Nice Today. Enjoy the show, and subscribe to SPY in iTunes!


Someting something with fire

Dave and Graham, they call him the Leno of podcasting for good reason. I once had a up and coming podcast called something and now i don't for some reason. I want you to think about that. Also, it's no secret that Thorn likes to bring in a lot of new acts right before a major fundraiser, introduces them to Hodgeman, shares the meat platter and liquers with them, gets all their fan's monopoly monoies and then wham... You wake up without your facebook password, wife, and rectal uniformity. One of those things is a real pain in the ass (because you have to make another account). Just be careful and steal what you can.


This is a really great

This is a really great episode of SPY.

Does this mean no JJgo! this week? That makes me sad, but the idea of SPY and JJgo! joining forces makes me very happy indeed.

Also, could I use any more acronyms?