Jordan Jesse Go Ep. 219: Ska Church with Ian Edwards

Ian Edwards

Comedian Ian Edwards joins Jordan and Jesse to discuss ska church, 90s alternative rock bands, and daytime television personalities.


Canadian TV

As per your contemplation about Canadian Pickers and about the possible existence of other cheap Canadian knockoffs of shitty American TV shows, yes there is one for every show. There is; 'ET Canada', 'So You Think You Can Dance Canada',and the CFL. There is even 'Canadian Sesame Street' or 'Rue de Sesame Canadien' where they simply replace all the Spanish content with our greatest shame, Quebequois French. Tabarnac! The worst part is that we get both the US and Canadian versions of each, so basically our TV is shit.

-Ryan Neilson from Banff

Its almost impossible for a Canadian to do well on 'The Price is Right'. im always about 900 dollars over any bid and 6000 too high on the showdown. Its the fucking taxes I think.

Sonic rollerskaters

Once, about 10 years ago, I visited a Sonic in Tracy CA with rollerskating servers. My server was a very flamboyantly gay teenager and he looked like he was having an absolute blast skating around. Tracy being such a redneck sort of town (especially by Northern California standards) I was really happy that this kid had something he enjoyed that much, an escape from what I would imagine was some high school bullying that he surely didn't deserve. I've loved Sonic ever since.