Jordan Jesse Go Ep. 116: Offensive Driving with Adam Lisagor

Adam Lisagor

Adam Lisagor from You Look Nice Today joins Jesse and Jordan to talk about what they do when they're hanging out, wearing their cashmere sweatpants.


Canadian Strip Clubs

I haven't been in strip clubs across the entire country, but it is common practice in Alberta & BC strip clubs to throw $1 & $2 coins. And yes, it *is* as nasty as it sounds.

Because Canadian clubs are generally fully nude and also serve alcohol, lap dances aren't allowed.* Instead, each girl will come on stage for 3 to 4 songs & by the 4th song will be fully naked. She crawls from guy to guy sitting along the rail & they throw money. Sometimes she'll have a bucket you're trying to get the coins into in order to win a poster or keychain. Sometimes she's spread eagle & you try to knock the item off.

I know. Sexy carnival gone bad.

The worst part is watching the naked girl pick up her clothes & crawl around to pick up her coins afterward. "Classier" clubs have a staff guy who comes out to do this with a big magnet.

*Lap dances are starting to appear, so maybe they'll retire this method of getting tips. A few clubs have built an additional separate section just for lap dances that isn't technically part of the club...kind of like a restaurant that has a separate pub area that allows smoking.

Action Items

What's happened to the Action Items and Continuing Action Items on the blog? Looks like they disappeared a few episodes ago. Permanent change?

Midnight, Los Angeles

100% there with you re: Anna Deavere Smith, Jesse. Also, part of Prayer of the Rollerboys was filmed in San Pedro, CA, my town.