Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 118: Animal Cruelty with Marc Maron

Marc Maron

Comedian Marc Maron joins Jordan & Jesse on today's episode, touching upon the subject of pets, garage sales and losing one's marbles.


You Dropped A Bomb On Me

Ummm.... You Dropped A Bomb On Me is an amazing song. I don't know that I can continue to trust your taste.


You had "you are" warning.

Uh oh, if TSOYA's Philly-based public radio affiliate is attacked by pigeons and small, woodland creatures, we all know who is responsible. I can only imagine this is what is meant by "elevated levels."

Poor interview?

Man, I want to see that KFC commercial.

And to the person complaining about this being a "poor interview." That's because it is not. The Sound of Young America is the interview show, and Marc Maron was on it:

you had you're warning.

Making fun of cruelty to animals is not something to be taken lightly.

As of today I will make it my mission to ensure that you both never find success in the entertainment industry.

Pending a sincere apology, this matter will be taken to elevated levels.



Heard the Cast

Not going to lie. Listened only because Marc twittered that he was on.

Read This.

poor interview-- really could have got alot more out of Marc.. good job wasting our fucking time talking about how poorly dressed you guys are. fuck. sad really. To the dude wearing shorts and slippers: Good Hustle. To the fag who wastes his time on gaudy fashion for radio, fucking RaDio: you're a fucker-naut.

Yeah, a fucker-naut. Think about it.

Check the archives

Jesse interviewed Marc Earlier this year. Jackass. Please don't be a Maron version of a Corolla-tard. This is upsetting.

also, I think this may be my favorite Jordan Jesse Go! I think it might be because the closest thing I am a fanboy of is Marc Maron and Maximum fun. Bam, this is both!


marc is awesome.... and I too admire juvenile delinquents....